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Naa Rakumarudu Movie Review

Naa Rakumarudu Movie Review

Naveen Chandra named as Vaishav who is top industrialist son. He completes his graduction and plan to fly US to continue his futher studies. One day accidently he meets Bindu (Ritu Varma) who is not interested in studies, already a well-known brat at her college. While her mother (Sitara) wants her daughter to be well-educated. As building closeness between makes Ritu like Vyshnav and she proposes him. Vaishnav rejects Bindu and flies off to America for higher studies. Shobana realizes she is in love with Vyshnav and makes him realize the problem with her. To see her succeed in her life Vyshnav goes away from Bindu. What happened next? Rest of the story on screens

Plus Points

Minus Points
Second Half
Forced Comedy Sequences

First half of the film is bit okay. Second half is a total boredom. Director satya, coming from the school of Puri Jagannadh, delivers a failure with a simple story line and weak plot. The plus point of the film is Cinematography and Music and on the rear, missing screenplay and lack of fascinating narration. Even the scenes do not follow any sequence. There are many unnecessary characters that sit in for the sake of volume. Songs are not place well. Climax is quite routine. Overall the film is boring plot and quite routine scenes but somehow director try to give message to youth unfortunately he fails to Narrate the story.

Technical Team work

Music is good. Screenplay editing is poor. Production values are okay. Cinematography is plus point of the film .Background score in the film average. Editing of the film is major problem in the second half as transition between scenes is not neatly done. The first half of the film is loyal to set up love and relationship between the leads and getting the clash point ready. The story point and sequence method is method is okay. But the story-message are badly handled.

Final Talk
Ra Kumarudu disappoints you completely. Better to skip this film

The Rating
1.5 out of 5

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