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Naa Peru Shiva Movie Review

Naa Peru Shiva Movie Review

The Film

Naa Peru Shiva tells the story of how two unrelated streams of life get entangled by a conspiracy of circumstances and the effect of one on the other while the events impact a profound change in the life of a young man. One stream is that of a young couple in love intending to marry, while the other is that of inadvertent crime by drug-addicted students. The film is well made and connects with the audience.

The Synopsis

The story has two parallel lines of narration. In the first, a group of five college students, addicted to drugs and drinks, indulge in mindless crime of rape and murder. In the second, Shiva (Karthi), who hails from a middle class family, completes his college education and in search of a job. He has an affectionate father, mother and sister. He is basically a well behaved person who is in the habit of helping the needy. He attends the marriage of his classmate Sudha where he meets Priya (Kajal Agarwal). They fall in love. Priya’s father, an advocate, does not approve the romance and he seeks the help of Girisham, an underworld gangster. At the insistence of Priya, Shiva takes up the job of a collection agent to a bank.

Naa Peru Shiva Movie Review

Meanwhile, the police tumble upon the dead body of a girl and boy, whose body parts are cut and strewn around different dump yards. Shiva’s father, a cab driver, identifies the girl and informs the police about how the girl and two others hired his cab. The police start investigating. The gang of five, who committed the crime, take the help of Sketch Babji to eliminate Shiva’s father who can become a key witness. As Shiva and his family prepare to conduct the marriage of his sister, the gang of five kill Shiva’s father.

Will Shiva be able to come out of the tragedy of his father’s tragic death? Will Shiva’s sister get married? Will the police be able to arrest the gang of five? What happens between Shiva and underworld chief Girisham? Will the culprits be punished? What lasting impact these events have on Shiva? Answers to these questions lead to a violent climax.

The Performances

Naa Peru Shiva Movie Review

Karthi has made his mark with the films Yuganiki Okkadu and Awara, both dubbed from Tamil. With Naa Peru Shiva he scores brownie points. He essays his role with commendable ease and his comic timing is impeccable. He looks stylish and has a way of his own to endear with the audience. Kajal Agarwal is vivacious and breezes through her role. Jaya Prakash and Ravi Prakash do well with author backed roles. All others perform with verve.

The Techniques

Suseenthiran has come out with a good storyline and taught screenplay. The characterization of the principal roles adds to the credibility of the narration. The treatment in the first half is thoroughly enjoyable. The director is able to extract good performances from all the actors.

Dialogues by Shashank are meaningful and funny where required. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is pleasing and the background music is apt. The narration has not been unnecessarily hampered by song-and-dance sequences. Cinematography by Madhie is vibrant and enhances the narration value and flow. Editing is crisp.

The Verdict

Naa Peru Shiva Movie Review

Naa Peru Shiva is a dubbed version of Tamil hit film Naan Mahaan Alla. One does not feel that this is a dubbed film. Translation is commendable. The narration, from a lighter vein gradually evolves into a gripping suspense thriller. This film is one more feather in the cap of Karthik Shivkumar and can be watched for its inherent entertainment.

The Cast and Crew
Director : Suseenthiran
Producer : K.E.Gnanavelraja
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyricst: Sahithi

The Rating
3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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