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Muzaffar Ali plans Umrao Jaan sequel with Rekha

Muzaffar Ali plans Umrao Jaan sequel with Rekha

Producer-director Muzaffar Ali, who made the Rekha-starrer Umrao Jaan (1981), is contemplating to make a sequel to the original film.

Umrao Jaan was based on the Urdu novel Umrao Jaan Ada (1905), written by Mirza Hadi Ruswa. The film was based on the life of famous Lucknow courtesan. Rekha’s performance as the central character in the film had won her first National Award.

Now, director Muzaffar Ali and one of the writers of the film Javed Siddiqui are contemplating to make a sequel. The story idea that in the end of the film Umrao Jaan (Rekha) comes to her kotha and nothing is shown about what is going to happen to her in the English regime or how she behaves and what happens to her. So in the sequel, Umrao Jaan can be shown as an older and more mature person thus facilitating Rekha to play the role in Umrao Jaan 2.

However, the final call on Umrao Jaan will be taken by producer-director Muzaffar Ali.

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