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Murder 2 is inspired by Korean film

Murder 2 is inspired by Korean film

The film Murder by Vishesh Films starringĀ Emraan Hashmi was big hit at the box office. But most people do not know that this film has been inspired by a Hollywood film Unfaithful.

Now Murder 2 is ready for release and according to sources this film is inspired by a Korean film Chugyeogja (English title: The Chaser ). The plot is lifted and modified a bit to suit the Indian audience. Again it is pointed out that the poster of Murder 2 is a rip-off another Korean film Bad Guy. Interestingly, a Hollywood production house has officially bought the English remake rights of this Korean film The Chaser.

Though Mahesh and Vikram Bhatt do not admit that they get inspired by foreign films, many film buffs have been successful in tracking the source of their films.

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