Mugdha Godse’s bikini show angers her mother

Mugdha Godse's bikini show angers her mother

Mugdha Godse’s forthcoming film Help opposite Bobby Deol, has her sporting a white bikini and those two piece pics are all over the social network sites.The pictures were released three to four days ago. She is indeed overwhelmed with the response she is getting. But the fact that her own mother has issues with her bikini-clad image is ruining it all and Mugdha’s mother has refused to talk to her. This is not the first time Mugdha has sported a bikini. In Fashion she was seen wearing a bikini but with a sarong. This time, the actress has bared it all and the pictures have irked her mother.

Mugdha’s mother is not very pleased with her daughter’s look. Her mother is so upset with the scene in the movie that after seeing her photograph, she has not spoken to Mugdha.

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  1. Mauliklgi has worn s says:

    Arrey Mughda chi Mateshwari . What is this ?I am surprised that you are angry that your sanskari mulgi has donned a bikini. she was earlier topless and nude in different photo shoots. She does this for script/photo shoot demands( err money in reality) so what is the fuss now. You should be happy that your sanskari maharastrian mulgi has won some clothes earlier she had removed them while she was a model. Concetrate on the money flowing into your pocket and leave this double standards (hypocrisy) for fools to read and digest. Nantar bhetu aapan marathi mateshwari.