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Mr Perfect Movie Review

Mr Perfect Movie Review

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Mr Perfect Movie Review

Here is another marquee that comes from Dil Raju’s production house which highlights relationships and family values. Director Dasharath unlike his earlier family sentiment based films, gave an energetic presentation in Mr Perfect, of course it contains his usual mark.


Vicky(Prabhas) an ambitious, career oriented and self esteemed individual who never compromises in loosing opportunities or never adjusts himself in loosing opportunity to others. Vicky lives in Australia and is in pursuit of his dream, to open a gaming company along with his friends. Vicky comes to India to attend his sister’s marriage.

Priya(Kajal Agarwal), a Doctor by profession, kind hearted and feels herself happy by serving others, stays in a distant village in West Godavari district along with her father, who happens to be childhood buddy of Vicky’s father.

Mr Perfect Movie Review

Upon reaching India Vicky’s father (Nasser) proposes to marry his buddy (Murali Mohan’s) daughter Priya. Vice Versa happens at Priya’s house too. Both Vicky and Priya reject the proposal by citing reasons of behavior and later come to an agreement, saying ‘They will get marry only if they like each others behavior and attitude’, with their parents.

Here is an interesting character in 2nd half, Maggi (Tapsi) an ambitious and self esteemed girl who never listens to others meets Vicky and falls in love.

The rest of the story is how these north and South Pole, Vicky and Priya unites together. Who is right, whether it is Vicky who never compromises in giving things up or Priya who always wants see happiness in other people by serving them.

Prabhas looks stylish, energetic and steals the show, Kajal Agarwal as usual charming and gave an extraordinary performance. Tapsee suits her role.

Directory Dasharath has given extraordinary and gripping narration to the story developed by Sri Venkateshwara Creations Team. First Half is really good and 2nd half of the movie looks dragged in pieces and has more sentiment scenes.

Mr Perfect Movie Review

Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are thoughtful and are an asset to the presentation. DSP music is already a big hit in the market and he tops in background score too. Production values are top notch.

Brahmanandam, as Jalsa Kishore has given enough laughs and Raghu Babu does the same. Other characters played by Murali Mohan, Nasser, Siyaji Shinde fits to their roles. Prakash Raj’s character is noteworthy as a father to self esteemed girl Maggi.


On the whole Mr. Perfect is a perfect movie, scores top in all departments. Producer Dil Raju has to appreciated. Director Dasharath has tasted another success after his debut Santhosham.

Mr. Pefect attracts family audience and also gives a thought on younger generation attitude towards family relationships in the current age of Globalization.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review By: Chetanz ([email protected])

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