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Mr Nokia actress Sana Khan to sue TV channels

Mr Nokia actress Sana Khan to sue TV channels

Mumbai actress Sana Khan has threatened to sue Telugu TV channels for wrongly reporting about her alleged arrest in Bangalore for prostitution. The news spread like wildfire on the internet and TV channels started special programmes showing Sana Khan film footage and details of her arrest from an apartment in Koramangala in Bangalore.

It was finally known that a Sana Khan, a C-Grade artist was arrested by the police and not the Sana Khan who acted inMr. Nokia. She is suing the TV channels for maligning her reputation by telecasting unverified news reports.

The budding actress says, “ Everyone knows who is into the flesh trade in the industry, who is going where and when, and who goes to which country and how they get their bags, cars, houses. But no one will write about them as they are stars.”

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