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Yuganiki Okka Premikudu Movie Review

Yuganiki Okka Premikudu Movie Review

Akash who came as lover boy is coming with his directorial venture ‘Yuganiki Okka Premikudu‘. Lest us see how successful he is in his attempt.

Mechanical engineering student Gautam(Akash) passes his time driving auto along with his friends. He falls in love with a girl Divya who happen to live in his apartments. However Divya rejects him questioning him how could he take care of her driving auto and starts moving closely with high class guys in her college. Gautam who gets upset leaves the place and goes to his friend Vinod’s place and joins in a rice mill. Sister of Rice Mill owner, Aishwarya (Swetha Basu Prasad) starts loving Gautam and decides to part with her life if Gautam do not reciprocate her love even after knowing Gautam’s past. What happens next forms the suspense part in the story.

None of the stars, Akash, Swetha Basu Prasad gave even average performance.

Now a days many people who enter tollywood are under the impression that after four films they can direct a film. Akash’s inexperience as director can be seen in every frame. This film can be screened for people who aspire to become directors to teach them on how not to make a film. Akash played with movie lovers since he is the director.

Production values are below average failing to reach even minimum levels of a B grade film. Jaksi John cinematography failed to impress movie lovers. Kartik Raja’s music is the only soothing point. Film makers did not even get DTS and DI work for the film.

Final talk
Film got released only in one theater in Hyderabad and movie lovers need not watch the film. Akash’s fans can watch the film because these sort of movies don’t come often.

Cast-Akash,Swetha Basu Prasad
Producer-E.Babu Naidu
Music-Kartik Raja

The Rating
1 out of 5

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