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Mouna Ragam Movie Review

Mouna Ragam Movie Review

The Film

Mouna Ragam is a routine run of Tollywood tread-mill, which is presented in average manner with slapstick comedy and an overdose of hackneyed melodrama.

The Synopsis

Chandu (Taneesh) and Kaveri (Suhasini) are child hood first cousin. Chandu does not study but does odd jobs and gives the money to Kaveri to study. He hopes to marry her after she completes her education. Kaveri completes her academic career and quietly marries another person.

Mouna Ragam Movie Review

A dejected Chandu happens to meet Sandhya (Madhurima) who is cheated by her father Vishwnatham’s (Chandramohan) business partners and her father is killed. She aspires to design a two wheeler.
The rest of the story is how Chandu and Sandhya help each other and realize their respective goals in life.

The Performances

Taneesh is good in parts, but he could not justify his role because of lack of an author backed role. Suhasini’s character is more like cameo and she does not have much of opportunity to showcase her thespian talents. Madhurima essays her role with such an aplomb that this movie can be seen for her confident performance. Nalla Venu goes through his motions and he cannot express without punch in the dialoges or sense in the scenes. Master Bharath is impressive. Chandramohan, Prasad Babu, Kamesh, MS Narayana, Kashi Vishwanath, Ali and AVS are their usual mature selves as actors with authority. All others are just props.

Mouna Ragam Movie Review

The Techniques

The story is a an oft travelled formula road in Telugu film industry. The screenplay has such flaws that you may be induced into snoring once in a while. The dialogues lack the luster of proper communication. Technically, the film being a low budget one, does not impress you with audio-visual brilliance. Music of the film has nothing to write about. Sound design is unimpressive. Cinematography is dented by poor editing.

Mouna Ragam Movie Review

The Verdict

Avoid long queues at the theatre ticket counters and wait for its telecast in some TV channel or the other.

The Cast and Crew

Tanish, Madhurima, Suhasini, Venu, Chandramohan, M S, Ali, Jeeva, AVS, Dharmavarapu, Hema, Madhavi and others

Music: S A Rajkumar

Cinematography: Shaman Mitru

Producers: N V Prasad and S. Naga Ashok Kumar

Banner: Sri Saideva Productions

Director: Vijay Balaji

The Rating

2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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