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Moral Policing: Jism 2 Posters Removed In Mumbai

Moral Policing: Jism 2 Posters Removed In Mumbai

Vidya Chavan, NCP MLC has succeeded in putting pressure on the Mumbai’s mayor Sunil Prabhu and make him play the moral police. The victim is Pooja Bhatt’s film Jism 2, starring Sunny Leone, whose posters were removed in Mumbai.

The BEST and the BMC administration took action to remove every so-called “objectionable” poster of Jism 2 from 75 BEST buses and 25 depots, besides electricity poles and bus shelters.

IPS officer-turned-lawyer Y P Singh says this is a violation of personal freedom. Legal expert Mihir Desai felt it was completely unjustified, saying the level of tolerance is going down

Filmmaker and writer Mahesh Bhatt, whose daughter Pooja was the producer and director of the film Jism 2, said he had decided to remove the posters from all over Mumbai as “it was a battle not worth fighting”. He said he had decided to replace the old posters with new ones.

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