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Monroe’s anguish exposed in new book

Monroe's anguish exposed in new book

London, Oct 4, Actress Marilyn Monroe’s pleas to end her life in the years leading up to her tragic death have been exposed in a new book titled “Fragments”.

The book is a compilation of the movie icon’s personal diaries, notes and letters that she left to her New York acting mentor Lee Strasberg. In the notes, she complains about the loneliness of working in Hollywood and explains her anguish about her troubled love life.

In one of the notes following the breakdown of her marriage to baseball star Joe DiMaggio, she asks herself why she “always felt in a certain way that I am subhuman, why in other words, I am the worst. Even physically, I have always been sure that something was not right with me.”

Her muddled state of mind is shown in a note penned after the collapse of her second marriage, to playwright Arthur Miller, in 1958, contactmusic.com reports.

“Help, help, help. I feel life approaching when all that I want is to die,” she wrote.

Monroe died from a drug overdose in 1962.

The book will hit the stands this month.

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