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Money Money More Money Movie Review

Money Money More Money Movie Review

The Film

Money Money More Money is a feeble attempt to amuse the audience through a weak storyline that does not have any unexpected or surprising situations or characters to evoke humour.

The Synopsis

Four friends Chakri, Abbas, Raghu and Goga (J D Chakravarthy, Mukul Dev, Brahmaji, Kevin Dev) have no means of livelihood. As a short cut to jump into a comfortable life style, they kidnap Maggie (Tara Alisha) daughter of a business tycoon (Naga Babu). They barge into Khan Dada’s (Brahmanandam) house along with Maggie. They take over control of the house and do not allow any of Khan’s family members to go out. They try to negotiate a ransom of Rs 1 crore.

Money Money More Money Movie Review

Khan Dada, once a flourishing real estate magnate, is now in dumps. Then there is a stream of visitors – a sales girl, a pizza delivery boy, financier, police constable and a few others ( Gajala, Venumadhav, Jeeva, Rajiv Kanakala, Mayuri, Ramaprabha) – to the house and they also get locked up.

When the ransom money is about be paid, selfishness and greed makes the four kidnappers to chalk out separate individual plans to run away with the money. The rest of the story deals with schemes and counter schemes within the kidnappers, different liaisons among the hostages that leads to a most ludicrous climax.

Money Money More Money Movie Review

The Performances

The star attraction of the film Khan Dada Brahmanandam is literally wasted. His talents to make the audience laugh have been cramped by weak characterization of his role. JD and Brahmaji try to make the best of a bad situation. Mukul Dev, Kevin, Rajiv and Jeeva go through their motions. Tara and Gajala fail to give either the glamour part or the acting part. Ramaprabha evokes a few laughs. Venumadhav and Senthil don’t tickle the funny bone. Shashank, Naga Babu, Chalapathi Rao, Chandramohan, Duvvasi Mohan, Subbaraju have blink-and-miss appearances.

Money Money More Money Movie Review

The Techniques

JD Chakravarthy has created too many characters that are cramped in a single location without much scope for sitcom. Weak story and weaker characterization has taken away the comic thrill. With no funny situations, the dialogues lack the witty punch. The screenplay just meanders along and fails to sustain audience interest in the proceedings. Music has nothing much hum about. The Cinematography is the only redeeming feature. Technically, the film is constrained by average production costs.

The Verdict

The film is a disappointment because of the inherent fragility of the plot, poor conception of incidents and situations and the lack of effective performances. It is much more of a disappointment because, we are made to believe that this is Money 3 of the Khan Dada franchise, which it is not.

JD played an absurd joke on the audience with this badly made film. Don’t waste Any More Money to watch it. .

The cast and Crew

J D Chakravarthy, Brahmanandam, Brahmaji, Mukul Dev, Kavin Dev, Tara Alisha, Ghajala, Rajeev Kanakala, Venu Madhav, Subbaraju, Nagababu, Mayuri, Rama Prabha, Jeeva, Senthil, Shashank and others
Music: Chakri
Cinematographer: Bharani K Dharan
Director: J D Chakravarthy
Producer: K Satyanarayana

The Rating

1.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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