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Money Devo Bhava to deal with materialism

Money Devo Bhava to deal with materialism

The movie Money Devo Bhava will highlight the materialistic world of today. It foucuses on how money is treated as the supreme power.

Money Devo Bhava is directed by Anand Sivakumaran, the writer of films like Kalyug and serials like Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, Mile Jab Hum Tum and director of the film Detour (English).

Newcomers Nikhil Pandy, Yoshika Verma and Maanvi Gagroo etc star in the movie produced by Atul Pandey of Atul Productions.

Money Devo Bhava is a young, contemporary, topical, edgy campus film that revolves around the theme of how important money and brands have become to the youth, how so much of their dreams and aspirations are focussed around the brands they wear and own. It is

a film about the youth and populated by fresh, young faces culled from the youth.

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