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Money behind Srija and Sirish break-up?

Money behind Srija and Sirish break-up?

Like their marriage three years ago, frictions between Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija and her husband Sirish Bharadwaj is making headlines.

Chiru family did not approve Srija – Sirish marriage. Now, Chiru’s family role is suspected in break-up of the love marriage.

Chiru could not digest that his daughter eloped with someone. Only Srija’s mother visited to see her granddaughter.

Srija – Sirish were not invited for recently held Allu Arjun’s wedding. Bharadwaj has no particular business or employment. He was trying to start an event management company.

According to one version, Sirish asked Srija to get Rs 1 crore from her father. Chiru family forced Srija to file a case against her husband allege close associates of Sirish.

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