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Mohan Lal Bags A Jackpot With ‘Janata Garage’

Mohan Lal Bags A Jackpot With ‘Janata Garage’

Mohan Lal is a Super Star in Malayalam film industry for several decades. He played in a Telugu film titled ‘Gandeevam’ long ago with Telugu Super Star Krishna in the lead role. However, he became a well-known figure with the Manirathnam’s movie ‘Iddaru’. He became a little close to the Telugu audiences with his latest film ‘Zilla’ in which he dubbed his own voice. Presently, Mohan Lal is busy with two prestigious Telugu projects. One among them is Young Tiger NT Rama Rao’s film, ‘Janata Garage’ while the other is ‘Manamanta’ being directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti. Now, the interesting news is that the Telugu producers of ‘Janata Garage’ have offered Rs 1.5 crore remuneration besides Malayalam dubbing rights. They predicted Mohan Lal may gain around Rs 1 crore through Malayalam dubbing rights. But surprisingly, he had gained over Rs 4 crore for Malayalam dubbing rights and thereby Mohan Lal bagged a jackpot. According to film unit sources, directed by Koratala Siva, the character etched for Mohan Lal would remain a highlight of the movie.

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