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Mogudu Movie Review

Mogudu Movie Review

The Film

Mogudu builds up like an interesting symphony, reaches a crescendo and from the zenith crashes down to the nadir of whimpering sentimental cacophony. A story, assembled with an assortment of characters with unique profiles of the lead players, was brimming with pregnant possibilities of delivering an intriguing family drama, but sadly, it has been senselessly aborted and the unfortunate miscarriage culminates in a foetus still-born with fatigue. What could have been an entertaining fare fizzles out to be a stale tear-jerker.

The Synopsis

Anjaneya Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) is a self-made successful farmer and lives on the outskirts of Hyderabad with his three daughters, their husbands and children. It is an affectionate combined family module. His only son Ram Prasad aka Bujji(Gopichand) an engineer has to be married. Many matches fail for one reason or the other. Joe (Shraddha Das) an aspiring model has an interest in Bujji, but she wants to get married after becoming the Miss World.

Bujji had the occasion of a dance recital to see Rajeswari (Tapsee) and bumps into her again under rather unsavory circumstances. They feel a compulsive mutual attraction and decide to marry. Rajeswari’s mother Chamundeswari (Roja) an active politician, and her husband (Naresh), a childhood friend of Anjaneya Prasad, agree for the alliance.

The marriage ceremony of Ram Prasad and Rajeswari has been solemnized with great pomp and gaiety. Even before the wedding bells stopped ringing, Anjaneya Prasad and Chamundeswari’s mother Bhuvaneswari differ on the issue of the statue of Gauri. One thing leads to the other and in a fit of temper everyone slaps the other and the conflict reaches a point of no return. Ram Prasad and Rajeswari get divorced without consummating the marriage.

Mogudu Movie Review

Will Ram Prasad and Rajeswari come together again? What is Joe’s continued interest in Ram Prasad?. Will the families of Anjaneya Prasad and Chamundeswari reconcile their differences?

Answers to these questions lead to a tediously meandering melodramatic climax or rather anti-climax or even no climax.

The Performances

Gopichand gets different type of role to play and he does carry himself well until his character is meaninglessly assassinated reducing him to a weeping Mogudu pleading for re-uniting with his Pellam. Tapsee gets a meaty role and she truly excels. She mixed her glamour with great performance. Shraddha Das emotes with conviction. Rajendra Prasad breezes through his role with consummate ease. And so does Roja and Naresh. In their cameos, Ahuthi Prasad and Venumadhav are good. All others are go through their motions.

The Techniques

Krishna Vamsi has a good story, had a good start but fitters away the advantage. The opportunity of spinning a good yarn is hampered by inappropriate character delineation of the hero, flaws in the flow of the narration. The conflict that separates the hero and heroine is based on flimsy grounds. The cause célèbre for the continued conflict has not been established on valid grounds.

The reasons for the vehement objection of Rajeswari’s brother for his sister’s marriage with Ram Prasad are not given. The source of the conflict is so silly that the resultant dissonance appears highly incompatible and exaggerated.

Krishna Vamsi takes the screenplay smoothly up to the interval and then everything just goes haywire. The director was unable to get a convincing solution to the conflict.

Music is good but the songs prove to be an irritating hindrance to the narration. Once the hero and heroine reconciled post-interval,

Mogudu Movie Review

the familial in-law conflict could have been quickly drawn to a conclusion. Instead it took the route of an extended pre-climax while the climax itself was a damp squib.

The cinematography , editing and sound design are good, but unnoticeable in the dark shadow of a shoddy after-interval story-telling.

The Verdict

The word Mogudu is a slightly less respectable colloquial term as compared to its more dignified synonyms – Bhartha and Pathi. The phrase Mogudu-Pellam also denotes a querulous relationship that succumbs to centripetal forces. The title is unsuitable and the treatment of the story is more inappropriate.

A weeping hero(Mogudu) begging everyone to reunite him with his wife (heroine) is something abominable to digest. In that state the hero is too disgusting to derive any sympathy.

There is a dialogue in the film: “When was the last time in your life you have done something for the first time?”

Krishnavamsi, for the first time, (hopefully for the last time) made a film with a beginning, an interval bang, a lead to the climax, but no climax at all! He couldn’t handle the denouement with his customary deftness and finesse.

You can watch the film once to enjoy the outstanding performance of Tapsee.

The Cast and Crew
Gopichand, Tapsee, Shraddha Das, Rajendra Prasad, Roja, Ahuthi Prasad, Venumadhav and others
Director: Krishna Vamshi
Producer: Nallamalapu Srinivas
Music Director: Babu Shankar

The Rating
2.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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