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Mixed Reviews for ‘Geethanjali’

Mixed Reviews for ‘Geethanjali’

Geethanjali is the latest project from Kona Venkat’s table, which is making the buzz. Anjali is playing the key role in the movie along with Srinivas Reddy. Audiences were expecting a flick like Chandramukhi but the movie came surprisingly different.

The climax came upsetting a bit to the audiences. Kona and his director have lifted the central theme of Hindi blockbuster Om Shanti Om’s climax and modified it to suit their script. The director seemed to be very much impressed with the Hindi blockbuster, but missed the satire of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.

But here in Anjali, that chilling effect is tossed as there is no such deep emotion between Ghost and her lover who gets into jail due to villain. Also that became regular revenge-drama, a ghost killing her killer. Without any novel point in story, the idea of doing a Om Shanti Om like climax in a meager budget has surely backfired.

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