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Mission Istanbul is ready for release

Mission Istanbul is ready for release Director Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istanbul, a story that he claims is very close to reality, is getting ready for release. His earlier film Shoot Out at Lokhandwala was a runaway hit and highly acclaimed by the critics and cinema viewers. The director says that there was no conscious effort on his part to make a film dealing with the issue of international terrorism.

Mission Istanbul is the story of Vikas Sagar played by Zayed Khan, a journalist, who pursues each of his stories with great zeal. Sagar is tempted with an offer from an Istanbul-based television channel, Al Janora, notorious for being the mouthpiece of the world’s most feared terrorist, Abu Nazir.

After Sagar accepts the offer, a series of dangers make his existence difficult. Rizwan Khan played by Vivek Oberoi, a Turkish commando saves Sagar’s life at every dangerous turn.

Shriya Saran plays Anjali, Khan’s wife in the film. Anjali is also a journalist and the film portrays a strained relationship between the couple, one of the reasons for Sagar to accept the offer from Al Janora.

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