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‘Missamma’ Steps in to 60th Year

'Missamma' Steps in to 60th Year

1955, movie ‘Missamma’ in which NTR, ANR, Savithri, Jamuna and SVR starrer was released and by January 12, 2015 it completes 60 years.

Following are the highlights of this movie.

In this comedy entertainer all the star cast mentioned above showed their best hilarious performances.

In this film ANR sings ‘Meeku meere maaku meme’ song and essayed detective’s role. He was outstanding in one of the hilarious scenes.

Music was composed by S Rajeswara Rao were all the songs turned huge hits. ‘Ravoyi Chandamama’, ‘Brindavanamadi andaridee’, ‘Thelusukonave yuvathee’,’Emito eemaaya’ etc. cannot be forgotten.

LV Prasad directed the movie. Nagireddy and Chakrapani produced the movie.

The movie was remade in Tamil as ‘Missiyamma’ and in Hindi as ‘Miss Mary’. The movie turned classic in all the languages wherever it was made.

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