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Miss India Universe gets into Twitter trouble

Miss India Universe gets into Twitter trouble

Vasuki Sunkavalli, Miss India Universe and the winner of the I Am She pageant encountered unexpected trouble on Twitter when it was found that some of her tweets were identical to those posted by US-based columnist Sadanand Dhume.

Vasuki, currently in Brazil for the Miss Universe contest, reposted comments made by Dhume about politics, without acknowledging the source or re-tweeting them. This has made Dhume accuse Vasuki of ‘twagiarism and he posted on the Twitter: “Beauty pageant ethics ain’t what they used to be. At least 7 of Miss India Universe 2011 @vasukisunkavali’s 29-odd tweets lifted from me…”

Vasuki replied by tweeting that she thought re-posting someone else’s tweets was okay, till it was pointed out that she was not ‘retweeting’ and simply copying. She tweeted: “It wasnt accidental. can’t possibly cut copy AND paste accidentally now can I? just dint know the technical know how of retweeting.”

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