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Mirapakaya Movie Music Review

Mirapakaya Movie Music Review

Mirapakaya Movie Review

Mirapakaya Music Review (***)

What do you expect from Mass Raja ‘Ravi Teja’? What do you expect from Thaman? What do you expect when a film is titled ‘ Mirapakaay’? Are you not expecting blast of the time? Let’s see if the album met the expectations.

Thaman has a good knack of catching the nerves of the mass audience and it is proven with his latest albums and this album has lot of mass and melody moments in it. This album has 7 tracks in it and the director Harish Shankar has used 6 lyricists including himself in composing the tracks.

1. Adhigora Choodu (***)- The Song is written by Ananth Sriram and sung by Ravi Teja, Karthik, Rahul Nambiar, Ranjith and Alap Raju. Karthik has become inseparable part of Thaman’s albums and this is no exception. This is supposed to be hero’s introduction song and a mass number. Thaman has mastered the art of creating variation in mass songs by using different singers yet sync the same in the overall environment of the song. The guitar he used in the song is very catchy. The song is all about hero’s search for his dream girl. Ravi Teja comes in between to talk about prema and the lyrics are very funny when he talks. Orchestration is apt and sets the mood for the album.

2. Vaishali Vaishali (***)- The Song is written by Bhaskarbatla and sung by Thaman himself. The song is typical Bhaskarabatla type. It’s more a teasing song where the hero is saying sorry to the girl. Thaman did a good job in singing a mass number. Music has nothing great to say in this number as there is not much of scope for orchestration or variations.

3. Gadithalupula (*** ½)- The song is written by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry and sung by Karthik and Geetha Madhuri. This is a cute romantic song sung by lead pair. The song is composed well with good words used to maintain the tempo of the romance. Thaman took backseat and let the poet in sastry flourish. Thaman used his usual style of using different styles for female and male singers in this song and the words used in second and stanza when Geetha Madhuri sings are very good. If filmed well, this could be one of the best songs of the year.

4. Silakaa (****)- This is the best song so far in the album. Written by Bhaskarbatla and sung by Rahul Nambiar and Chitra. Words like ‘ Bannerlu Kadadham bus stand lo’ ‘ Hoarding pedtham ringroad lo’ etc brings smiles even when listening the song. Bhaskarabatla has used the language used day to day to create an interesting song. The song will appeal most to the youngsters and mass audience. Both the singers did good job in this number but I am amazed at the ease with which chitra is competing with singers much younger to her.

5. Dhinaku Dhin Jiya (*** ½ ) – Chandrabose wins hands down with this number sung superbly by Shankar Mahadevan and Shriya Goshal. The song with mass patches to start with picks up as it goes on. Thaman did a very good job in building the mood. Shriya has to be complemented for the care she has taken in pronouncing every word well. Shankar Mahadevan, yet another regular of Thaman’s albums did well. An experienced singer cum music director wouldn’t have had too many troubles singer such a song. He showed good variations in terms of pitch in the song.

6. Chirugaley (**)- This song is written by Sahiti and sung by Ranjith, Naveen, Rita, Vardhini, megha and Janani. The song runs in the folk style and has lot of voices and noises that at some point you lose track.

7. Mirapakaay (**)- This is a bit song written by Director Harish Shankar himself and sung by Ranjith and Rita. The song is designed stylishly with lots of English words and heavy music and except for the starting lyrics, the rest got lost in the noise. Sorry Harish, I couldn’t judge this song.

Overall the album has couple of numbers that will take you along with them and the rest are mass numbers that are good enough to hear on high volume. What else do you expect from a Ravi Teja flick other than josheela music that makes you tap your feet to it? Well.. Is this mirapaakaay as hot as it promises to be? Can’t say now. Have to wait for 23rd December.

Brahma Mahesh
[email protected]

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