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“Mirapakaya” being shot from tomorrow

"Mirapakaya" being shot from tomorrow

One of the most bankable hero and who is also quite popular with the Telugu cinema audience is none other than Ravi Teja, who is now coming out as “Mirapakaya”, the title which actually suits his style of acting.
The shooting of this film, which is likely to be supported by Big Mirchi is all set for shooting from tomorrow at Alkapur Colony in Hyderabad.
Harish Shankar, a former shishya of Ram Gopal Varma, who made his debut with Ravi Teja’s production “Shock” will direct this film. In fact, the Film Nagar buzz is that producer Ramesh Puppala is producing this film along with another Bollywood distribution film because he is a friend of both RGV and Ravi Teja.
According to a little bird from Puppala camp, the theme of the film is that Ravi Teja always minds his business.; but if some one bites him off or bite off something from him, then the antogonist tastes the “Mirapakaya”, which is the delienation of the protagonist’s character’
The producer Ramesh Puppala of this film has been really impressed with talents talent and belief of Harish Shankar that he okayed ‘Mirapakaya’.
Sai Thaman, who delivered a hit music on his debut with ‘Kick’ will do the music for the film.

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