Mirapakaay Movie Review – Brahma Mahesh

Mirapakaay– My Take

Mirapakaay Movie Review - Brahma Mahesh

I’m not writing a usual review this time around too and doing a take on the movie- Mirapakaay. If you are expecting a biased review considering my acquaintance to the Mirapakaay team, you would be disappointed.
What do you expect from a Raviteja film?

2 and half hours of fun, stomach full of laughter and good songs, dances and dialogues besides the story which can make you sit for 2 and half hours. Correct me if my expectation setting is wrong. If you are expecting what I have written above, you will not be disappointed with Harish Shakar’s efforts on Mirapakaay.

Story and Screenplay: Story is wafer thin and is about an undercover cop on mission who falls in love with two girls Richa and Deeksha, the former is his passion and the latter is his profession. He acts as a Hindi lecturer in a college. Now this line takes you back to Shahrukh Khan’s Main Hoon Naa, you are not to be blamed but the comparison ends with that. The narration makes the story an open and shut case as the story happens like a straight line without much twists. Hero’s profession and the fact that he is on mission is revealed in first 15 minutes. In narration style where the story goes in a straight line, the director needs to shape the scenes very meticulously so that the audience wont loose interest and I should say Harish Shankar did very well in shaping scenes. There is not a single dull moment in the film despite not having a band of comedians who usually created noise. The scenes where Ravi explains to Kota and team is funny and the romance between Ravi and Richa is compelling. We haven’t seen Ravi is a romantic role like this earlier. Predictability of sequence of scenes worked a bit against the movie and the screenplay writers are to be blamed for the same. Dialogues are good and adequate.


Mirapakaay Movie Review - Brahma Mahesh

Ravi Teja is the heart and soul of this movie and carries it on his shoulders. By the way which movie of his has he not carried on his shoulders? He has 90% screen presence and he ensures that we have no dull moment in the movie. He has lots a lot of weight and looks very young but for few close up shots. He may have to take care of his face in such shots. He has danced well particularly the title song. Naga Babu is his usual self and carried well in the role. Richa is adequate and did well as a traditional girl except for first few scenes. I felt like she and director remembered that she is a traditional Brahmin girl after Rao Ramesh tells Ravi Teja about that. I see a clear difference in her language, body language and demeanor before and after that scene. This is a minor glitch and probably could be ignored. She has all the qualities in her to make it to the top. She may have to learn dance better. Deeksha stands apart despite being a second lead. She is very fresh, tall and though has little to act did decently well. She may have to focus on improving her dancing skills. Kota is good in whatever role he has. Supreeth doesn’t have too much role. Ajay is looking good in the movie. Rao Ramesh is decent. Brahmaji is a revelation. Sunil and Ali don’t have much to do and whatever they did is a cake walk for them. Ravi Ravinder has a very little screen presence and didn’t understand why he is there. Prakash Raj is a big let down as he doesn’t have any role despite being a main villain.

Technicians: When we come to technicians, I would say kudos to two people who made stark difference to the movie. That is Editor Gautam Raju and DOP Ram Prasad. Both did a super job. Editing is class and that’s why we don’t feel a single dull moment. There are no un necessary scenes in first 2 hours

Mirapakaay Movie Review - Brahma Mahesh

and I felt that there is a bit which could have been chopped in the last 30 minutes to make the film more interesting. DOP Ramprasad made the frame look beautiful and he deserves all applause. Thaman did a good job in giving good music. Brahma Kadali did good job in two songs that he worked on. The sets in Dhinak Dhin Jiya and Gadhi talupulu are looking rich and good. Three cheers to him. Harish did a good job in keeping the audience stick to their seats. He knows how to show a hero, elevate his image and make an impact. Working with Raviteja should have been more comforting for him as they have worked earlier. His dialogues are good and looks like taken directly from Puri Jagan’s diary. He could have avoided couple of dialogues which could be inconveniencing for families but those scenes doesn’t last too long thankfully. He did first half extremely well and I felt that he could have spent more time on second half. Once Silakaa song came I was preparing myself for climax and thought second half doesn’t have emotional content and that start post song and unfortunately dragged the story. I thought Ravi would reveal to richa when she questions him in the college and rumors but by not doing the same the story is stretched. He should have worked on villains as they are shown very weak and like jokers. Prakash Raj is a big let down. The film doesn’t have strong action except couple of fights (Delhi fight and traffic fight). Ram Lakshman composed both fights well. Climax is a let down.


The title song is done well. There is a youthful feel in the song and the steps are energetic. Song is pictured well and looks good on screen. Dhinkak Dhin Jiya is a bit let down from the impact song created from audio. The steps are bit slow and richa didn’t do well. Gadhitalupula song is done well and this is probably first time that we have seen Raviteja in an intense romantic song. Vaishali song is done well. This is a typical Raviteja style song. I thought Silakaa song is unnecessary and used to tease richa. Silakaa song is did well and is a foot tapping number.

Final Take:

Mirapakaay Movie Review - Brahma Mahesh

The movie is a full fledged package of entertainment and that’s what Raviteja always offers. It may not have different storyline, twists and turns but the pace is good and never offers a dull moment. Leaving the dull climax and dragging last 30 minutes, the film is entertaining and please watch it without giving too much importance to the so called reviews.

by Brahma Mahesh

Actor : ravi teja
Actress : Deeksha,Richa Gangopadhyay
Director : Harish Shankar
Producer : Ramesh Puppala
Genre :
Music By : Thaman S
Writer :

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