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Minissha Lamba Slams Bheja Fry 2 Director

Minissha Lamba Slams Bheja Fry 2 Director

Actress Minissha Lamba and director Sagar Ballary used to be close friends indeed. They worked together in Bheja Fry 2 and the forthcoming Hum Tum Shabana but they have turned sworn enemies now.

Minissha Lamba is extremely upset with Sagar for badmouthing her. Shocked and hurt Minissha says Ballary is stooping this low just for publicity. “I used to consider Mr Ballary a friend. But if he is trying to get publicity by maligning my name, then he’s hardly a friend.”, she says.

Sagar has accused Minissha of shooting a promotional video for Bheja Fry 2 in his absence. However, the actress said in her defence, “The producer asked me to do the video, so naturally I did it. Why should Mr Ballary have a problem with that?” The director, apparently was at loggerheads with Bheja Fry 2 producer Mukul Deora during the making of the film, has slammed the actress instead.

Minissha strikes back, “I’m caught in the crossfire between Mr Ballary and the producer of Bheja Fry 2. Since he can’t hurt the producer, he has chosen to make me the scapegoat.” Minissha went on to say that producer Mukul Deora is also upset on learning about the director’s irresponsible statement.

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