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Minimum guarantee hero booked for maximum films

Minimum guarantee hero booked for maximum films

Allari Naresh is in talks with Pappu director Sapan Masumarthi. The film will be produced by Siri Cinema Ammi Raju.

Naresh’s movie with K Vishanath is ready for release. Saradaga Kaasepu is his other movie to hit theatres in the near future.

In this year alone he has five movies in the pipeline. He is labeled as minimum guarantee hero. In the past eight years, he has done over 30 films.

Naresh is booked till 2013. On an average he worked for seven films in a year of which five of them proved safe bets at box office. Given the history of box-office, it is no mean achievement. Compare his films with that of Nithin, surely you will go mad with contrasting statistics.

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