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Mikkilineni is no more

Mikkilineni is no more

Mikkilineni Radha Krishna Murthy, actor, author and political activist, passed away after suffering from urinary tract here on Tuesday morning. He was 96.

Mikkilineni, born on July 7, 1914, was the founder of Praja Natya Mandali. After attaining popularity as a stage actor through plays such as `Mabhoomi’, he entered the film industry.

Beginning his film career in Telugu film, Deeksha, directed by K.S. Prakash Rao in 1949, the Balakrishna-starrer Bhairava Dweepam was his last film.

He mainly played character-roles and villains, and his hit films include Tenali Rama Krishna (1956), Maya Bazar (1957), Appu Chesi pappu Kudu (1957), Sitarama Kalyanam (1961), Jagadekaveeruni Kadha (1961), Gundamma Kadha (1962), Paruvu Prathiksta (1963), Bandipotu (1963), Nartanasela (1963), Ramudu Bimudu (1964), Pandava Vanavasam (1965).

He also authored a few books on the Telugu film industry and did research on cultural movements. Andhra University conferred upon him the Kalaprapoorna title.

Starting with the freedom movement, Mikkilineni played a lead role in the Congress, Leftist, Library, progressive writers and Atheist movements of Andhra Pradesh.

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