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Midhunam Movie Review

Midhunam Movie Review

Renowned Tollywood film personality Tanikella Bharani took upon himself to prove that Tollywood also can make award winning films. He decided to make a film Mithunam inspired by the work of Sri Ramana. Film featured Balasubramaniam and Lakshmi. Let us see what magic Tanikella Bharani created on movie lovers with Mithunam


Old coupe Appala Raju(Balasubramaniam) and Buchchi(Lakshmi) continue to enjoy their life at their village even though their children are well settled in overseas. They derive happiness in their own way without getting affected by worldly pleasures or hitech developments. Their only timepass is the garden they grew surrounding their little but lovely house and a cow which they love more than their kids.


Tollywood’s senior stars SP.Balasubramaniam and Lakshmi came with amazing performances in the roles as old couple. The expressions they gave are unique and will touch the hearts of everyone. Those who happened to watch the film will have lasting impressions of old couple as they remind them of elders living in their neighborhood


Tanikella Bharani who took the challenge of proving to the world that even Tollywood can come with touching and award winning film came trumps in his venture. The film highlighted the love and affection one shares after marriage and the bond it grows in better manner with better understanding.
The way the couple came out with expressions even when their kids don’t turn up from US as expected highlights the talents of all the players in the film. Tanikella Bharani has taken enough care not to make the film’s slow down in any manner.


Uddav’s editing needs special commendation. He took care so that viewers patience will not be tested. Veenapani’s music has soothing effect highlighting the village atmosphere. Tanikella’s cinematography beautified the film and had mesmerising effect on movie lovers.

Final Speak

Movie lovers who stay away lamenting the falling standards of film making in Tollywood should now come out and encourage the efforts of Mitunam film makers. If they don’t do then no one will ever dare to make more films and burn their fingers suffering losses. Will win many awards and bring name and fame to Tollywood

Director: Tanikella Bharani
Producer: Anand Muyida Rao
Music: Veenapani
Main Cast: S. P. Balasubrahmaniam, Lakshmi
Producer: Anand Muyida Rao
Music Director: Veenapani
Lyrics: Anand Muyida Rao, Jonnavithula
Story: Sri Ramana
Cinematographer: R. P. Tanikella
Editor: S. B. Uddhav

The Rating
3.5 out of 5

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