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Mental Krishna Movie Review

Mental Krishna Movie Review

Mental Krishna Movie Review

The Cast and Crew

Posani Krishna Murali, Satya Krishnan, Nagababu, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Giribabu, Raghubabu, Ranganath, Goutham Raju, Sivajiraja, ETV Prabhakar and Others.

Art: Babjee.
Cinematography: Gadiraju Srinivas.
Editing: Mohan-Ramarao.
Music: Vandemataram Srinivas.
Producer: Mohan Vadlapatla.
Banner: Mohan Media Creations.
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction: Posani Krishna Murali.

Mental Krishna Movie Review

Mental Krishna Movie Review

The Film

Mental Krishna is a celluloid absurdity bordering on unbridled perversity and sinking to the depths of stinking vulgarity.

The Synopsis

Muddu Krishna (Posani Krishna Murali), son of Ranganath, a rich industrialist, marries Sathya (Sathya Krishnan), daughter of another rich businressman Giri Babu, under compelling circumstances, when Sathya’s lover does not turn up for her marriage.

Sathya’s lover is a milk-supplying young man who passes ISB entrance examination when she fails to clear the same.

After marriage, it is revealed that Muddu is either impotent or homosexual or both. Though Sathya has reconciled to her fate, Muddu indulges in subjecting her to flagrant emotional harassment and mental torture.
Sathya finally runs away to her parent’s home when Muddu insists that she sleep with his friend to give birth to a child.

Mental Krishna Movie Review

Mental Krishna Movie Review

With excruciating scenes of agony, the film crawls to the climax, when it is revealed that Muddu indulged in all this crazy antics only to teach a lesson to Sathya’s parents who had beaten their daughter’s lover, the milk boy, and prevented from attending his marriage with Sathya.

And Mental Krishna does all the harrowing hullaballoo only to make the Sathya and her lover to unite.

The Performances

The acting performance of Posani appears to be in tune with the perverse role he created for himself. Sathya Krishnan, though has the potential to perform, will rue the day she accepted to act in this incredulously absurd film.

All other actors are as inadequate as their cranky roles.

The Techniques

Writer-director-actor Posani, at last, reached the nadir of his pen-man prowess. He seems to be unable to differentiate between a good story telling technique and creative brinkmanship.
There are two basic flaws in the premise of his story.

Mental Krishna Movie Review

Mental Krishna Movie Review

One: Sathya likes the milk-boy because he passes ISB exam and so assumed to be an intellectual. An aspirant for admission to ISB should have at least 2 years of executive experience. Every Tom, Dick and Harry cannot just walk in through the portals of ISB.

Two: To teach a lesson to Sathya’s parents, there is no need at all for Muddu to torture Sathya, who is blissfully unaware of her parent’s act of bashing the milk-boy and preventing him for attending the marriage.

Once you go through the film, you will be left wondering how this septic tank smelling bio-waste could ever be passed on by the censors for public viewing in the garb of cinematic entertainment. The content is abjectly vulgar. The dialogues are disgustingly loathsome. The treatment is perverse and makes you desperate to vomit.

Mental Krishna Movie Review

Mental Krishna Movie Review

The Verdict

The rightful place for the film Mental Krishna is the commode where it can be flushed out into eternal damnation amid degeneration.

This is a colossal waste of valuable cinematic resources and the precious time of first time viewers.
Someone somehow should banish the creator of Mental Krishna from the film industry itself. He has absolutely no right to cruelly unleash such monstrous vulgarity on the unsuspecting audience.

Where are all those Moral Police who raise a hue and cry at artistically created painting-like posters depicting an alluring femme fatale? Why are they silent about Mental Krishna?

The Verdict
0 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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