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Mel B finds her husband’s sense of humour annoying

Mel B finds her husband's sense of humour annoying

London, Oct 9, Singer Mel B has admitted she occasionally finds her husband Stephen Belafonte’s sense of humour “annoying”.

The former Spice Girls singer insists she has a “great” relationship with spouse Stephen Belafonte but admits she occasionally gets irritated by his sense of humour.

“Everything is great. Obviously he does my head in occasionally and sometimes I find his American humour annoying but apart from that I love him dearly,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

Mel also admitted her outrageous behaviour occasionally embarrasses her eldest daughter.

“I do lead by example, but I do quirky things. I’m young and I like to have fun, but sometimes my 11-year-old gets embarrassed by me and she’s like ‘muuuuum’,” she said.

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