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Megastar Have Encourage Low Budget Film

Megastar Have Encourage Low Budget Film

The Bollywood industries have always came up with a huge support to small budget films the celebrities also given their marvelous encouragement towards low budget cinematic. The bollywood legend and evergreen Megastar have come forward to give a best wishes and good luck to upcoming film “Dozakh”-In Search Of Heaven”. This said to be as “sensitive film.”

To support this film “Dozakh”, Megastar used social networking to encourage and support the film of
Zaigham Imam is a well known hindi novelist and has written novels- Dozakh.

B-Big wrote in Tweeter account about the film-“‘Dozakh’, a sensitive film made by sensitive people… wishing you all the best.”
The film is based on small Muslim boy Janu and father who is playing cleric charter and true Islam follower explore the depths about Hindu religion forms base. He doesn’t appreciate the fact that his son is friends with a Hindu priest.

The “Dozakh”-In Search Of Heaven” directed by novel writer “Dozakh”-In Search Of Heaven” and features actors Lalit Mohan Tiwari, Nazim Khan, Pawan Tiwari, Garric Chaudhury, Ruby Saini, Irfaan Riz will received reviews from film festival.

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