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Mega Family desparate on Badrinaath?

Mega Family desparate on Badrinaath?

Mega Fans all around the world eagerly waiting for Allu Arjun’s Badrinaath release on June 10, as of now they are enjoying and keeping their expectations high upon watching promos. But Mega Family is in desperate need of huge hit as no Mega Hero’s film released after blockbuster Magadheera(July31, 2009), tasted a big success, except reasonableTeen Maar. Mega Family too has high expectations on Badrinaath and are hoping it will bring back energy into the cam.

Each high budgeted and much hyped movie of Mega Heroes, namely Komaram Puli, Varudu and Orange are big disasters at box- office. Allu Arjun too not having any success in recent past, with films like Arya-2, Varudu and Vedam being flops, he too desperate for hit.

Even though Geetha Arts has a hit in the form of 100% Love in recent days, but is not a Mega Hero film and Magadheera dubbed versions released in Tamil and Malayalam are also doing well.

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