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Media & Entertainment Business Conclave in Hyderabad

Media & Entertainment Business Conclave in Hyderabad

The Media and Entertainment Business Conclave will be held in Hyderabad from December 1 by FICCI which explores ways and means to help young film makers through loans at low interest rates and help them learn the tricks of the trade. The event would also help youngsters in the industry to get support from media tycoons.

Some young producers are borrowing money at an exorbitant interest rate of 36 per cent to make films while FICCI can help youngsters in getting loans at 13 to 14 per cent interest. Such opportunities will be unveiled at the conclave.

Those associated with the media industry can participate in the conclave which would also have a special session on those providing information technology (IT) support to the industry. IT giants like Cognizant Technologies will attend the conference to present novel ideas in gaming, animation and several other IT related fields.

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