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McCarthy turned to therapy after split from Carrey

McCarthy turned to therapy after split from Carrey

London, Oct 4, Model-actress Jenny Mccarthy has revealed that she turned to therapy to help cope with her break-up with actor Jim Carrey.

The couple ended their five-year romance amicably in April.

“I went to my therapist. And she had said, ‘You know, no matter what, any relationship or marriage that I’ve had in the past, too, you grieve the loss of the relationship.’ There’s somewhat of a feeling of failure that you have to mourn of going, ‘God, you know, the dreams that you had in your head are, that’s all they were, just dreams,” femalefirst.co.uk quoted her as saying. She revealed it on Larry King’s show.

The therapy has helped McCarthy move on and she is now dating again. “I am currently seeing someone. I’m calling it very light dating. Nothing too serious,” she said.

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