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Martin Shah to return to stage

Martin Shah to return to stage

London, Aug 23, Veteran British actor Martin Shah is preparing to take to the stage again – just five days after he collapsed while performing in a play.

The 65-year-old shocked theatre-goers after falling ill and fainting while acting in “The Country Girl” in Shrewsbury, England Wednesday.

The show was immediately halted and he was forced to withdraw from his role, while an understudy took up his part.

But Shaw is refusing to take a long hiatus and he is resuming his role Monday, reports fashion.ie.

“I am so glad to be back treading the boards again. In all my 45 years on stage, being taken ill during a performance was a first for me, and one I certainly do not wish to repeat,” he said.

A spokesperson blamed the collapse on medical problems, revealing Shaw was taking antibiotics for a severe chest infection after suffering cracked ribs.

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