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Marilyn Monroe’s Sex Tape For Sale?

Marlyn Monroe's Sex Tape For Sale?

A Spanish collector is creating buzz after announcing plans to auction sex tape of Marilyn Monroe. What he claims is it is underage Monroe in the 8-mm version of the film and explains that it was shot before her first movie in 1947, when her age was just 21. The duration of the video is around six and a half minutes and is in grainy black-and-white tone.

There is some debate as to whether the woman in the film is actually Monroe. When the film first became known to the public in 1997, the American Film Institute certified that if it was not Monroe, it was “her twin sister,” AFP reported. But an expert on Monroe told the UK Sun, “It’s not Marilyn. The chin, lips, teeth are not the same.

However, the Spanish collector, Mikel Barsa is seeking at least five lakh dollars for the sexually explicit .The film is about to be auctioned off in Buenos Aires.

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