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Manoj Kumar still simmering about SRK spoof

Manoj Kumar still simmering about SRK spoof The controversy over spoof on veteran actor-filmmaker Manoj Kumar in Bollywood hit movie Om Shanti Om could return to haunt its actor Shah Rukh Khan as Kumar has accused him of betrayal of trust by not honouring his ‘promise’ of deleting the sequence from the movie.

In a spoof in Om Shanti Om, Om, a junior artiste played by SRK, gains entry to a movie premier imitating Manoj Kumar. When the real Manoj Kumar (a body double of the actor) comes, he is beaten up by security guards.

Moreover, the photograph on his driving license shown by the real Manoj Kumar to the guards is in the actor’s trade mark style of covering the face with his hand.

“Shah Rukh had promised to delete the scene from the film when I objected. So many months have passed and he has not honoured his promise. This is nothing but betrayal of trust,” Manoj Kumarsaid.

The veteran actor said he complained to filmmaker Yash Chopra about it because it was Chopra who had brought Shah Rukh and director Farah Khan to his house. SRK and Farah had aplogised to Manoj Kumar and assured him that the scene would be deleted, the noted actor pointed out.

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