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Manmadha Banam Audio Review

Manmadha Baanam Audio Review

Kamal Hassan films are popular for the situational comedy and most of the times, even the songs are designed for the situation. It becomes pretty difficult to judge the music as it is linked to visuals. Devi Sri Prasad who is rarely seen in Telugu these days did the music for this movie. Most of the music that you hear doesn’t sound like Devi Sri Prasad music and hence you see a lot of Kamal’s influence on the music. You can find couple of experimentations with the music in this film. Kamal Hassan sung couple of songs in the album which can be termed as different. The final verdict of the album would be clear once the film is released. I’m not sure if all the numbers would appeal masses but certainly an effort is visible to ensure that music appeals all classes. Songs are written by Kamal Hassan, Ramajogayya sastry, vennela kanti, Sahiti and Manush nandan.

1. Dhagulu Dhanda- The song is sung by Kamal Hassan. The song is a solo sung by the hero which is more about life and its ways and how the lead character wants people to take life on. There are some good words in the song like ‘carlo velli kotthimeera beramaadthave’, ‘ manchonni cheddodigaa marchevaade cheddavaadu’, ‘zindagi vandha twistla vintha test raa’ . The slang used by Kamal Hassan used in this song is very typical and interesting.

2. Who’s the Hero– The song is sung by Andrea Jeromeah. The song is done in jazz style and the same is used to admire hero. The song is well written and composed well by Devi Sri Prasad. Andrea could blend telugu in jazz style and sing the song. The song could really appeal to the audience if choreographed well.

3. Neelaakasam- This is a melody song in the album which is very pleasant to the ears. The song has a woman’s voice in background that adds to the beauty of the song. Kamal Hassan sung this song very well. The way the tempo picks up in the song is appreciable and the shift in tempo back and forth is handled well by Kamal Hassan and Devi Sri Prasad. The violin that plays in background is truly outstanding. This is probably the best song of the album.

4. Uyyala- Sung by Mukesh, Suchitra and Karthik. This is a fast beat song. The song is designed well to appeal to the masses. Harmonium is used well to tune the number and build the josh into it. This is a typical DSP tune and nothing much than it. Suchitra’s voice is refreshing and peppy.

5. Kannu Kannu Kalisela- Sung by S.P. Balasubramaniam and Chinmayi. This is an experimental number where a poem is converted in form of a song. This is very pleasant and very different from the routine. The words are written well. The song talks about relationship between man and woman and kaamam. If picturized well, I’m sure this could appeal to youth and class well and I’m sure even mass will accept the song well.

6. Theme of MB- Theme music of Manmadha Baanam has a violin base and done well.

7. Manmadha Baanam- Sung by Devi Sri Prasad. This is a typical DSP song by DSP and appealing to youth and masses. Don’t be surprised if remember a number of DSP songs when you are hearing this song.

Am I satisfied with the album after hearing it out? I’m not sure. When people like Kamal Hassan and Devi Sri Prasad Team up, you expect more. Songs of this album were written by Kamal himself in Tamil and I guess the writers Ramajogayya Sastry,vennelakanti and Sahiti were influenced by Tamil lyrics and that could be one of the reasons why the songs leave you short of getting impressed. Music in bits and pieces is good. We have to wait till the release to see if Manmadha Baanam music could impress one and all.

Review by Brahma Mahesh

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