Mani Ratnam snubs Amitabh Bachchan

Mani Ratnam snubs Amitabh Bachchan

Mani Ratnam has said that he was not making film to get marks from Amitabh Bachchan. Big B had criticized editing of his son’s role in Raavan.

Speaking with a Tamil Weekly, the ace filmmaker said that the film was the result of two years of hard work. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, he added.

Even the film editor said that he stands by his word for his work. Big B’s unceremonious comments further added to the woes of Raavan. Junior Bachchan had stopped following Raavan film on Twitter.

It was Mani Ratnam who had given Abhishek Bachchan big breaks with Yuva and Guru.

3 Responses to “Mani Ratnam snubs Amitabh Bachchan”

  1. Selvam, Sivagangai says:

    I totally agree with Amitabh’s comments. It is not the fault of the actor that the ‘scene’ did not work. Only if you paid attention to what Amitabh said, you will understand it is true. That particular ‘expression’/scene was originally intended to display 10 different faces of Raavan, finally ending with him uttering those funny lines. When the director realizes something isn’t working well, he has the option to re-shoot those scenes, after all he took 2 years to complete it. Editing decision is not made by the actor. The actor does not put the film together. It seems to me that Mani Ratnam was not sure of what he wanted from the actor. I think it was Mani who had that ‘funny’ expression on his face when he was making those editing decisions. Blame it on Mani Ratnam, not the Bachchans. Amitabh has been in the industry for donkey gone years, he clearly knows what he is talking about. Please respect the man’s words.

  2. Vimal, Kovai says:

    There might be errors. So what? Is this a gentle man’s behaviour to insult an Ace film maker in public? Filthy Amitabh lost his temperament & did this! He is after all an actor run by a director! But Mani is a Legendary Film maker. So, this is not the way to express the feelings. He must not have spread hatred about Mani sir in public. Also, I would say that the only big mistake done by Mani was choosing the uncapable Abhishek for this period film. That is the reason why the film was a blockbuster down south but a comprehensive flop in North!!!

  3. saree says:

    It was Mani Sir who had given Abhishek Bachchan big hits with Yuva and Guru. Abhishek and Bachchan should appreciate that!