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Mani Ratnam on Raavan Movie

Raavan Movie

Raavan Movie

Indian movie lovers are eagerly waiting for Mani Ratnams modern take on epic Ramayana as Ravan in Hindi and as Ravanan in Tamil and Villian in Telugu.

Recently Mani Ratnam released a pressnote saying few words about Ravan.

Mani Ratnam words on Ravan:

Ten heads
Ten minds
A hundred voices
One man

“Did such a man ever exist…? ”
“Was he just a myth…or does he live even today…? ”
“What is the line that divides Good from Evil…?”
“Does our understanding change when we look from the opponents perspective…?”
“The bond between the hunter and the hunted-between the captor and the captive seems to be a bond of do or die…. ”
“The tension between opposites often seems so electric, that it isolates them from the rest of the world , leaving just the two-all alone… ”
“Are ten heads better than one….?”
“Is there a Ram inside Raavan?”
“# And a Raavan inside each of us?”

In Hindi Version:
Abhishek Bachchan plays title role as Beer Munda
Aishwarya Rai as Ragini
Vikram as Dev Pratap Sharma

In Tamil/Telugu Version:
Vikram plays title role as Beer Munda
Aishwarya Rai as Ragini
PrithviRaj as Dev Pratap Sharma

Courtesy: Ravan Official Movie Site

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