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Mamta’s ’11/11 And 12/12′ Connections

mamta Mohandas

Mesmerising Mamta Mohan Das after featuring opposite top Tollywood stars like NTR and Nagarjuna in Yama Donga and King, some how disappeared from the industry. Still she is remembered for her husky song ‘Rakhi rakhi’ from Rakhi.

However this beauty has some ignominous connection on both dates 11/11/11 and 12/12/12. While she got engaged to her lover Pregith Padmanabhan on 11/11/11, in a strange manner she is getting seperated legally on 12/12/12. From last few months both the couples are living separately and both are legally getting divorce in January 2013. According to sources the actress is not happy with pregith from the day both got married due to family disputes.

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