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Mamatha Mohandas acts as tainted daisy

Mamatha Mohandas acts as tainted daisyMamatha Mohandas, the southern siren from Kerala, made very rapid strides as a heroine in Tollywood, after making her entry as a singer. She carefully spread that she was nothing short of a dainty daisy.

With the much hyped film Homam ready for release, she plays truant and claims that she had been shown as a tainted daisy, what with hot and steamy song sequences in the film choreographed by Sabrina Khan. She claims that she had been forced by the director JD Chakravarthy to do those sizzling skin-showing numbers, against her better judgement.

However, Mamatha, in the same breath claims that she was convinced by the reasons put forth by the director for such sexy and titillating scenes and she had done them in the best interests of the film.

Homam, where Mamatha costars with Jagapathi Babu, has high expectations from the trade circles and the film buffs.

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