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Mallika Is Tensed That Hiss’tory May Repeat

Mallika Is Tensed That Hiss'tory May Repeat

Mallika Sherawat‘s Hollywood flick ‘Politics of Love’ is to hit in US theatres on August 26, followed by its digital distribution on demand from September 3. . For starters Mallika has been away from the city for a good two months, and hobnobbing in the United States to promote her upcoming Hollywood film. Sources in the know say that the leggy lass was so keen to ensure that everything goes as planned that she packed her bags and decided to stay there itself till the film’s release. The actress recently attended a film awards event in Toronto with co-star Brian White to promote the film. The film also Ruby Dee, Loretta Devine and Gerry Bednob.

A friend close to Mallika insists that she’s feeling the butterflies in her stomach now. “This is a very important film for Mallika. Her previous stint with Hollywood (Hiss) didn’t exactly do well. She’s hoping that things will work in her favour this time around. She’s very excited but at the same time she’s keeping her fingers crossed and praying and hoping that this film will open many other doors for her in Hollywood,” says the source talking about the actor’s current state-of-mind.

Mallika Sherawat has claimed that during her interaction with US President Barack Obama, he asked her to invite him to the premiere of the film. Believe it or Not ?!?

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