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Malli Malli Movie Review

Malli Malli  Movie Review

Malli Malli Movie Review

The Film
Malli Malli appears to give a message about the futility of committing suicide while facing insurmountable problems, but then the film’s director Raj Adithya did the same as he hanged himself to death in a hotel room yesterday as his film is getting released in theatres.

Malli Malli  Movie Review

Malli Malli Movie Review

The Synopsis
Satya (Sachin Kedkar) is a rich businessman turned social activist mouthing morals. He has a daughter Madhu (Kalyani) and a son who is a drug addict.
Nandu (Skanda), son of a poor painter, struggles to make both ends meet to support his family. By a quirk of fate Nandu and Madhu get acquainted. Nandu is in awe of Satya and his principles.
Nandu discovers that he is endowed with sixth sense and he has a premonition that Satya is going to be murdered. The rest of the story deals with the fate or otherwise of Satya.

The Performances
This is a classic case of all the actors uniformly putting in a wooden performances. Even the seasoned artistes look lackluster.

Malli Malli  Movie Review

Malli Malli Movie Review

The Techniques
A poor storyline compounded by sketchy screenplay and improperly etched characters makes the narration tedious and makes you weary.
The less said about the other technical aspects the better.

The Verdict
The reel life disaster of the film Malli Malli has been compounded by the real life tragedy of the film’s director committing suicide on the day of the film’s release.
Malli Malli, like it’s protagonist’s premonitions, seem to forebode an inevitable tragedy of its own and its creator.

The Cast and Crew
Skanda, Kalyan, Sachin Kedkar, Venu Madhav,MS Narayana, Bharat and others.

Director late Raj Adithya

The Rating

1.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

Director Raj Adithya commits suicide

Malli Malli Movie Latest Photo Gallery

Malli Malli Movie Photo Gallery

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