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Mallanna on August 7

Mallanna on August 7

Mallanna on August 7

Good news at last for the fans of Vikram and Sheya. The long awaited film Mallanna after several hiccups and delays is now finally hitting the screens on August 7.

The film has been made on a lavish budget by producer Kalapipuli S Thanu. Director Susi Ganesan has moulded the film beautifully and the film will also be rich on graphics.

It is the graphics work alone that took more than three months to complete delaying the release of the film. While Vikram with his five different get ups will be the main attraction, Shreya is the other big draw.

Shreya has unleashed her most sensual persona in the film and she has also done some very steaming hot scenes in the film. The expectations of the people have been raised considerably and the film may well surpass Aparichitudu in terms of box office collections.

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