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Mallanna Movie Review by Chetanz

Mallanna Movie Review

Mallanna (kanthaswamy) Movie Review

Mallanna (kanthaswamy) Movie Review


Finally much hyped Chiyan Vikram’s Mallanna is on the roll in theatres. Mallanna lead character played by Vikram, whose main goal is to bring back

Mallanna Movie Review

Mallanna Movie Review

black money from overseas bank accounts of rich people and fulfill needs of poor people in india with that money. Vikram’s performance as usual is notorious. Subject for the movie chosen by Sushi Ganeshan looks same as Rajni starrer Sivaji. Team formed by Mallanna in reaching his goal looks same as that in Tagore.


Super hero character played by Vikram in Cock getup is not impressive. Though there seems to be lot of hard work in acting those of kind of scenes, but the scenes are not worthy to watch. Viram not only played protagonist of

Mallanna Movie Review

Mallanna Movie Review

the movie, also sang all the songs. Situations at which songs comes in the picture does not create any impact, in fact it disturbs story execution. Lady getup and Old man getups could have been much better. Movie has rich and beautiful locations but director failed to impress audience with his style of making.


As a movie Mallanna lost its tempo in the first half looks OK in the second half.

Mallanna Movie Review

Mallanna Movie Review

First half of the movie tries to establish Mallanna character as a super hero for the needy, but Sushi Ganeshan failed in presenting the content. Character played by leading actress shriya is a bad asset for the movie. The character should have been designed in better way by director.

Cast: Vikram, Shreya Saran, Asish Vidyarthi, Prabhu, YG Mahendran, Mukhesh Tiwari, Brahmanandam and others.


Dialogues and lyrics – Sahiti

Camera – Ekambaram

Producer – Kalaipuli S Thanu,

Story, screenplay and direction – Susi Ganeshan.

Banner : V Creations

Released on: August 21, 2009

The Rating
2 out of 5

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