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Malaysian tycoon to make movie with Hollywood stars

Malaysian tycoon to make movie with Hollywood stars

Kuala Lumpur, Sep 20, A Malaysian tycoon, who was caught with narcotics at a pub here, has announced an action film starring big Hollywood names like Jamie Foxx and Bruce Willis.

Low Taek Jho was partying with a group of people when police raided the pub.

Twenty-six people, including six women and 14 underage customers, rounded up in the raid later tested positive for drugs, the New Straits Times reported.

Later, Low, 28, told reporters before leaving the nightspot that he would bring Hollywood stars to Malaysia. The movie would be produced in Malaysia and is expected to hit cinemas in the next 12 months.

Low was recently in the limelight when he was spotted partying with socialite Paris Hilton.

He, however, said the first Hollywood stars to come to Malaysia would be “a male, not Paris Hilton,” The Star newspaper said.

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