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Maheshbabu Claims Complete Responsibility Of ‘Brahmotsavam’

Maheshbabu Claims Complete Responsibility Of ‘Brahmotsavam’

Maheshbabu made a historical statement that he would take the complete responsibility for the success or failure of his films. Though the captain of the film is the director, it is the artiste who has to deliver what is in the mind of director. Then only the film will achieve success or failure as the audiences could watch the performance of the artiste. Whoever be the director, the audiences could watch the output on the screen and it is the hero who has to take the entire responsibility. With regard to the demand of the distributors in the event of loss, Maheshbabu says, ‘I will take complete responsibility.’ Though he claims that he will take the entire responsibility, he did not make it clear whether he would return money if distributors face losses. It may be recalled here that Maheshbabu’s upcoming film ‘Brahmotsavam’ is being co-produced by Maheshbabu, while the producer of the movie is Prasad V Potluri on the banner of PVP Cinema, while the film is being produced by Srikant Addala. The audio of the movie is slated for launch on May 7, while the film is getting ready for release on May 20.

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