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Mahesh Tensions in Dil Raju Camp

Mahesh Tensions in Dil Raju Camp

Peoples answer to the stamina of a Star-hero and sensational-director is nothing but the ‘success’ of Business Man. The movie’s sky-rocketing performance at BO has upset many and here is another such story.

Dil Raju, the gigantic producer of Telugu Cinema Industry looks upset with BUSINESSMAN. This is not because the movie is doing extremely well in terms of trade. The ‘dates’ of Mahesh have become a big problem for them. Earlier, Mahesh used to allot years and years for a movie and allowed the directors to sculpt as they like. But he finished BUSINESSMAN in a record time of 74 days and now this is making ‘trains run in Dil Raju camp’s hearts’.

Currently, Mahesh is doing SEETHAMMA VAKITLO SIRIMALLE CHETTU for Dil Raju, under the direction of Srikanth Addala. After this movie, he wants to jump immediately to Sukumar’s project. The director of SVSC, Srikanth is said to be shooting at a snail’s pace in the name of ‘quality’. As the dates of Mahesh are finishing faster, tensions are building up in the camp, say insiders.

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