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Mahesh Bhatt Sequels And Remakes Are Safe Bets

Mahesh Bhatt Sequels And Remakes Are Safe Bets

Bollywood is on a sequels and remakes spree. Veteran film maker Mahesh Bhatt says that the production of sequels and remakes are a safe proposition.
The Bhatt camp which is working on sequels Jism 2 ,Raaz3, Murder3 and Jannat 2, has now announced plans to make Aashiqui 2 with brand new faces as the lead pair. The script is being written by Shagufta Rafique.

Batt says that there is nothing wrong with sequels or remakes as it is the brand which is ruling everywhere. People are attracted more towards brands in the FMCG sector and so the same applies to Bollywood which is cashing on it.

He further adds that franchisee of the brand is a safe play for any film maker as it assures of a good first week since the success of the original certainly motivates the audience to see the remake or the sequel.

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