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Mahesh Bhatt re-titles Informer as Jannat 2

Mahesh Bhatt re-titles Informer as Jannat 2

Veteran film maker Mahesh Bhatt has announced that their next film titled Informer, starring Emraan Hashmi, has been changed as Jannat 2. He also stated that the story of Informer has not been changed, but only the title. The film will go on floors soon and will be directed by Kunal Deshmukh who helmed Jannat.

Bhatt has stated that the theme of Jannat was a man’s endless endevours to create heaven on earth and in Jannat the backdrop was of match fixing while in Jannat 2, it is illegal arms trade. He added that though the films are similar thematically, Jannat 2 has a fresh story totally unconnected to the original.

Bollywood observers say that Mahesh Bhatt being an intelligent film maker and an astute businessman, he changed the title of Informer to Jannat 2 because he realized the importance of franchise value as proved by the success of Murder 2.

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